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There has recently been many changes to the discord and survival server. This is because we want to finalise the world and re-release the server formally to the public,. Listed Below are some key changes that have been made in the past few weeks that we have been offline for. As always, if you are unsure about anything said in this post please contact a staff member for advice.

Our Expansion to a Network

We have now expanded into a full network with Factions and Survival. If you would like to join the server please join using This change has been made because of us wanting to expand into a network with factions and also to help prevent DDOS attacks and to improve our server uptime. This new change will redirect you to another available server if the server you are currently on suddenly goes offline. We have plans to expand and add a larger variety of game modes to our server in the near future.

Staff Members

It has been brought to our attention that many staff members simply never joined the server. This harmed our reputation as a server because most of our staff were unavailible to help players requiring assistance.. As a way to combat this we have taken the unfortunate action to demote all of the necessary staff members. Because of this and the recent expansion to our network and serverswe will be requiring new staff to help us handle the influx of new players which we are expecting upon our re-release. We have now opened all staff applications (discord, survival and factions. We are recruiting for all ranks. Please do not apply unless you are familiar with our server and the rules though! 

Server Reset

Yes, that is right. Everything on the server has been reset. This has been done to allow for a new spawn and pvp arena. We still have a copy of your builds even if you did not request to have it saved. Please contact a staff member soon to restore it as we cannot guarantee how long we will hold the backup for. If you have requested you build to be saved, contact a staff member and it will be pasted where you want. These builds will be held on our servers for 3 months and will then be deleted.

Claim Blocks have also been reset. If you have requested a build-transfer you will be given the claim blocks necessary to claim your build. If you have no requested a building transfer and do not have enough claim blocks you can earn them in the game by playing on our server actively. (You receive 100 claim blocks per 10mins active)

1v1 Arena

As per player requests, we have added a new 1v1 arena for players to fight each other. This is designed to be used for a fight between 2 players or small groups. There is no reason as to why there should be a limit to the number of players that can be there at one time. But, be warned below the 1v1 arena there is a pure void. You will not receive your items back if you die in the void. This arena can be accessed by typing /warp 1v1 in game. Below are photos of the new arena


Spawn has also undergone some major changes. We have removed the old (and very outdated) spawn and replaced it with a modern new one. The spawn has not yet been finished meaning that we are still open for suggestions for the spawn. If you would like to make a suggestion on what could be added / removed to the new spawn please comment your idea below or alternatively direct message it to one of the staff members. Below are photos of the new spawn

Mining World

And Now for our most exciting new update! We have added another world to the survival server designed for mining / grinding / farming. This is a map that is separate from the normal world so you will not be griefing any builds. We have disabled aggressive mobs and PvP in this world, you can PvP and kill aggressive mobs as normal in the standard world, as this is a mining world the rules have also been adjusted meaning that you can grief whatever you want. This world will reset every 7 days to make sure that there are enough resources. As this is a different world but on the same server, the chat will be shared between both worlds (you can talk in public chat to people in the standard world). The mining world can be accessed in-game by running the command /warp mine.

Final Comments

Thank you for reading through this (very long) post about the recent changes to the Crushlandia network. We hope you will enjoy your new gameplay experience. Once again, if you have any questions about what i have said in this post do not hesitate to direct message me or any other staff member on the Crushlandia server. Now you have finished reading this. Go join and have some fun!

Staff Applications Are Now Open!

Due to the recent release of the new website and factions server. We are recruiting for staff! Currently, you can apply for all of the servers. The application page can be found here

If you are already staff and wish for a promotion, please contact either Crusher or RainbowFairy1. 

Crushlandia is expanding.

We are pleased to announce the (long-awaited) release of our website and donations store. If you have any suggestions or bug reports please leave them in the bug reports section of our discord. 


Please could you take a minute to read our updated website, discord and in-game rules that can be found here: Crushlandia Rules

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